Mena Aircraft Engines in Mena, Arkansas

Custom Engines

Mena Aircraft Engines, Inc., located in Mena, Arkansas is a FAA Certified Repair Station #S9QR340N, specializing in custom aircraft engine overhauling. All of our engines are overhauled to new limits and specifications, dynamically balanced, with either new or overhauld cylinders, and an impressive list of new parts.


Mena Aircraft Engines of Mena, Arkansas.

Quality Paint

Standard or customized polyurethane or imron paint, such as the metallic blue, are available. All engines are thoroughly tested, and removal and installation can be provided.


Mena Aircraft Engines of Mena,

Precision Machined

As well as being dynamically balanced to less than 1 gram, all crankshafts are cleaned, inspected, magnafluxed, rebushed, flange cadmium plated, repaired and re-nitrided as required, micropolished, and certified.


Mena Aircraft Engines of Mena,

Precision Balanced

Connecting rods are cleaned, inspected, magnafluxed, straightness checked, rebushed, resized, align-bored, and certified. The rods are then balanced, along with the rod bolts, nuts, and bearings, not only by overall weight, but by checking and balancing the small and big ends.


Mena Aircraft Engines of Mena,

Crankcase Overhauling

Crankcase assemblies receive the ultimate during the overhaul process. DIVCO of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a FAA repair station, specializes in crankcase repair and certification. Along with the usual line-boring and stress relieving, Lycoming crankcases receive alignment dowels and "o" rings at the thru-bolt area of the main bearing saddles, reducing fretting, locking in alignment, and preventing oil leaks. All crankcases installed by Mena Aircraft Engines receive the DIVCO rework and certification.


Mena Aircraft Engines of Mena,

Full Service

Engine removal and installation is also available at Mena Aircraft Engines. Complete cleaning and inspecting of the nacelles are standard, and customizing can be done at a reasonable cost.


Mena Aircraft Engines of Mena,

Components such as pre-oilers, stand-by vacuum systems, etc., are installed on many of the aircraft that receive one of our overhauled engines. Airframe repairs, annuals, upholstery, radio work, and complete repainting of the plane can also be arranged during the engine downtime.

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